Puppy Culture DVD
Welcome to our Puppy Page

The price of our litters are based upon the quality of our breeding.  Our females are AKC titled and daughter of VA1 sires then breed to VA sire in order to provide you a wonderful puppy. 

Price range of our puppies is $1100-$3500 based on their pedigree, if imported or if the puppy is Pick of the Litter.

A waiting list will be created at the announcement of the breeding.  The order of selection for the puppy will begin at 5 weeks of age starting with the first buyer on the waiting list or the buyer that selects to have Pick of the litter.  The buyer has 48 hours to select the puppy from the time breeder notifies the buyer.  The selection can be made in person or internet. Once the puppy is selected, the buyer will forward a non-refundable deposit with in a week of selection.  Timely selection of the puppy is to ensure the subsequent buyers are able to make their selection in an expeditious manner. No puppy will be release before 8 weeks of age under any circumstances.  Please do not ask.  There are several reasons: first being that puppies generally have two fear period (one at 6-7 weeks and the other around 9 weeks) within the first 12 weeks of life.  Secondly the Puppy Culture Process takes 10 weeks to complete so your puppy is on it way of being well behaved adult so the final 2 week will need to be completed by the buyer.  A DVD will be provided.  If the Buyers prefers, I will keep the puppy for the final 2 weeks and finish the Puppy Culture training.

Puppies will have a veterinary health certificate and be current on vaccinations when they are ready for their new home.  The puppies will be wormed at least one time prior to leaving us.  

Shipping:  The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost to include the transport crate, flight cost, delays, kennel charges and any quarantine.  The buyer assumes all responsibilities  for the puppy once the puppy is checked in at the airlines.  The same applies if the puppy is returned to the breeder, the buyer assumes the cost of shipping old puppy pup back and getting a new puppy from us.

Balance due is required prior to delivery of the puppy to the buyer.  Should the buyer not pay the balance due, unless prior arrangements are made with the breeder, the buyer shall forfeit their right to the puppy and the breeder is free to sell the puppy to a new buyer without any obligation to the buyer.

1.  Hips/elbow will pass OFA guidelines (Excellent, Good, Fair) at 2 years of age.
2.  As a requirement, the buyer must feed a high quality puppy food until the puppy is 18 months.  (Save receipts &  UPC as proof.)  Some high quality dog foods: Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Canidae, Acana, Evo, Holistic or Orijen.  The rating of the dog food must be at least 4 star rating. For more information on dog food, visit Dog Food Advisor website: Dog Food Advisor
3.  The puppy will be in excellent health and has health certificate.  The buyer must take the puppy to their own veterinary within 3 days of receiving the puppy.  The buyer will send a copy of the veterinary report to the breeder.
4.  A Puppy Culture DVD
Complete the below Application for Puppy and email the completed form to Emeraldoaks@comcast.net.